the Password Hashing Competition (PHC)

another crypto competition, after AES, eSTREAM, SHA-3, CAESAR


passwords’ protection sucks

we need Password Hashing Schemes: “slow”, tunable, more efficient on defenders’ hardware than on attackers’

(credit: @jmgosney)


independent project, no sponsor or external funding

panel of experts from academia, industry, gov, etc.:

@bascule, @veorq, @dchest, @jmgosney, @bitweasil, @matthew_d_green, Gutmann, @cryptopathe, phk, Lucks, @sevenps, @cperciva, @solardiz, @marshray, @hashcat, @Sc00bzT, Turan, @zooko, @codesinchaos, @yarrkov

PHC submissions (22)

AntCrypt, Argon, battcrypt, Catena, Catfish, Centrifuge, EARWORM, Gambit, Lanarea, Lyra2, M3lcrypt, Makwa, MCSPHS, Omega, Crypt, Parallel, PolyPassHash, POMELO, Pufferfish, RIG, Schvrch, Tortuga, TwoCats, Yarn, yescrypt

PHC finalists

to be announced soon

help us select the winners


related event:

submission deadline: Nov 10